Episode 3.12: A New American Religion

Episode 3.13: Blood Moon

Episode 3.05: Pageantry

And the scream that started it all, Episode 3.01: The Beginning

Jared Posts a Personal: The Sad and True Story of John Moreno and Moby

Season Two, Episode Six


I’m Gay

From the same creative team behind “Ten Hours of Princess Leia…”

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Ten Hours of Princess Leia Walking in NYC

WINK Season Two, Episode Two: Fidel Castro

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Vine Compilations:

Urban Dictionary: The L-Bomb

The very first video I ever did with Josh and Gary! You might recognize scenes from this video used in the flashbacks for my and Gary’s new web series, I’m Gay”

Urban Dictionary – The L-Bomb from josh apter on Vimeo.

Sherwood Office of Complaints: Regarding Weaponizing

Maid Marian is PISSED that she doesn’t get a sword.

Sherwood Office of Complaints: Regarding Weaponizing from Michele McNally on Vimeo

Deerhoof, Mario’s Flaming Whiskers III (Music Video)

Deerhoof – Mario’s Flaming Whiskers III (official video) from All Tomorrow’s Parties on Vimeo.

Space Captain: Captain of Space!

The trailer from the original 2012 stage production.